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Warm Congratulations to Dr. Veit Kohnhauser on winning the Tianfu Friendship Award

Party Secretary and General Manager of Power XinChen Wang Yunxian met on Friday withDr. Veit Kohnhauser and personally presented him with the Tianfu FriendshipAward in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the company’stransformation into a top-tier engine supplier.


The Tianfu Friendship award is the highest and most prestigious honor establishedby the People’s Government of Sichuan to recognize foreign experts who havedistinguished themselves with significant contributions to Sichuan’sdevelopment. The award evaluation takes place on an annual basis with a panelof judges selecting a total of 5 recipients from potential candidates. Theexperts who receive the award will be invited to a grand ceremony sponsored by the provincial government where the sitting governor of Sichuan is to presentthe award certificate in person. Dr.Veit was given the accolade in the openingceremony of the 16th Western China Overseas Hi-tech and High TalentsConference(OHTC) Sichuan Forum on 12th of September, 2017, but unfortunately couldn’tattend the event due to some personal reasons. A senior executive of PowerXinChen accepted the Award on his behalf.

Tianfu, in ancienttimes refers to the royal treasury of Tianzi(son of Heaven, the sacred imperialtitle of the Chinese emperor) and has evolved into a synonym for Sichuan as the“the land of abundance” for its natural resource endowment.


Since the very first day Dr.Veit started working for Power XinChen, he has beenvigorously promoting its effective communication and friendly relations withBMW and played an instrumental role in facilitating several cooperativeprojects of strategic importance with the German premium automaker. Other thanbeing a highly-regarded advisor whose brilliant mind contributed to thesustained and sound development of the company, Dr.Veit also has a genuine passionfor philanthropiccauses and the educational welfare of children. In order to sponsor underprivilegedChinese students unable to afford their tuition fees, he co-founded with PXC anon-profit foundation named after him in 2015.On December 30th ,2017, Dr.Veit andhis family paid a special visit to 3 of the students in Mian Yang financed bythe charity to personally convey encouragement, concern and support. He is areal talent with a heart of gold

Finally,we would like to extend our sincere congratulations to Dr.Veit on winning theTianfu Friendship Award!