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CE engine technology is authorized and developed on the basis of BMW Prince Engine, which has won the World's Best Ten Engines in eight consecutive years. CE engine adopted leading and mature technologies with strategic positioning of "high starting point, high quality, and high platform". An expert team from BMW Germany provided all-around support on research and development, industrialization, supply chain management, quality management and project management, ensuring the engine production is in accordance with BMW process certification, BMW quality philosophy and BMW quality standard. CE engine development led by BMW, consists of three displacement of 1.6 L, 1.8 L and 1.2L with different performance level and hybrid derivatives. BMW unique technology continuous VVL has significant advantages in terms of fuel consumption reduction, combined with 18 items of engine technology, CE engine meets requirements of CN6b emission regulation and the fourth phase fuel consumption. Product positioning of CE Engine is as the domestic first and the international advanced technology level, are applicable for SUV, passenger vehicle, MPV, A-class vehicle models, etc.


DK4A as the only diesel engine was awarded "Chinese Heart", the Best Ten Engines in 2008, DK4B won the Top Ten Brand Diesel Engine in 2010. Covering displacement of 2.0 to 3.0 L, power 75 kw to 110 kw. The engines adopted technologies of electronic control high pressure common rail system, inter-cooled EGR, exhaust gas turbocharging, electronic throttle, features of compact structure and excellent dynamic, low fuel consumption, low emission, low vibration and low noise, meet the requirements of national environmental protection and fuel consumption regulation, applicable for SUV, pickup, light-duty passenger car and light truck models, etc.


Gasoline engine is classified as Y series, R series and A series.Y series: is divided into JM491Q - ME, XC4G19, V19 three series engines, covering displacement of 1.9 L to 2.2 L, currently the engines are the mainstream models of domestic light-duty gasoline vehicle. These engines successfully upgraded from carburetor, single point EFI to multipoint EFI, meet the requirements of national environmental protection and fuel consumption regulation, and are the main models of leading enterprise (Brilliance Jinbei) in light passenger vehicle market. The practicality and reliability are recognized by the market, applicable for SUV, pickup, light-duty passenger car and light-duty trucks, etc.

R series: is divided into 4RB2 and TZ two series engines, with displacement of 2.0 L to 2.7 L, power of 95 kw to 120 kw. Adopted VVT, electronic throttle (ETC), hydraulic lifter, roller rocker, plastic intake manifold and other advanced technologies, the power performance and fuel economy performance of the engines are outstanding which makes them high-end power of light-duty vehicle. The engines meet requirements of national environmental protection and fuel consumption regulation, applicable for MPV, SUV, pickup, light-duty truck, minibuses and other types of vehicle.


On April 30, 2015, Power Xinchen acquired the crankshaft production line from BMW Brilliance automobile Co., LTD., total planned investment of ¥1.3 billion, the production line consists of the Germany imported equipment, realized automated production completely, annual planning capacity of 600,000 pieces of crankshaft. Power Xinchen is the only crankshaft supplier for BMW Brilliance, four kinds of crankshafts produced for BMW Brilliance vehicle N20, B38A, B38B, B48, are widely used in all BMW Brilliance domestic vehicle models, realized the output value of ¥360 million in 2016.

Connecting rod production line was built in 2014, with investment of ¥280 million, the machining equipment consists of the imported equipment, realized automated production completely. Q - das online measuring system realized production data monitoring, finish machining equipment realized on-line automatic compensation, small head hole oval and drum-shaped treatment can also be realized. Power Xinchen is also the supplier of connecting rod of N20, B48 for BMW Brilliance, realized the output value of ¥180 million in 2016.

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