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Power XinChen’s Type 491 Engines Renewed for China 6 Standard


The design and development of the 491 Engine date back more than 30 years ago, and its continuous evolution and upgrade in the injection system from carburetor to single-point fuel injection to batch injection to sequential injection as well as in the emissions standards from China II to China V , with the power output boosted from 68 kW to 82kW, allows not only the satisfaction of ever-changing legislative and customer requirements, but further enhancement of core competencies for light commercial vehicles in the Chinese auto market.
As the new China VI legislation takes effect, the long standing 491 engine family has received a new lease of life as a result of the application of a host of new technologies like VVT, reduced friction, optimized intake port design for better air & fuel mixture into its latest derivative, the V22 engine. After 12 months of painstaking effort in research and tech. improvement, the refreshed engine lineup becomes ChinaVI-compliant and has been successfully brought into the market, powering the Jinbei Haise marque and some commercial pickups. Riding this new momentum, the reinvented workhorse will definitely find renewed favor with more domestic customers.