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Commemorating the 10th anniversary of the first signing of the century-old BMW and PXC ­( 5 ) Prince Project and Joint venture between Li Auto & Xinch

On June 10th, 2015, the license signing ceremony of the BMW Group's to PXC to produce the Prince engine project was held in Shenyang. This project is another important result of the deepened cooperation between the two parties after BMW Group licensed PXC to produce the N20 engine. It is internally codenamed as Prince Project. BMW supported the project to localize in Mianyang and introduced special support measures: firstly, arranged three resident foreign experts to stay in Mianyang PXC; secondly, arranged a support team of about 60 experts from Munich, either with regular meetings to support or onsite technical guidance in Mianyang; thirdly, BMW, BBA and PXC convened Steering Committee meetings to ensure Prince Project strictly implemented BMW standards and reached BMW quality levels.


Through the Prince project, BMW licensed PXC to produce two engines, CE16 and CE18, and also supported the development of another two variant engines, CE12 and CE15. In October 2017, the CE16 engine was mass-produced; in October 2019, the CE18 engine was massproduced. PXC successively developed seven customers to install into 16 vehicle variants including Brilliance, Liebao Automobile, DongfengLiuqi, Qoros Automobile, Zhengzhou Nissan, Qingling Automobile, and Southeast Automobile.

With the support of BMW, after digesting and absorbing the Prince engine technology, PXC innovatively developed the CE15, a range extender engine, which not only has the BMW engine brand and high power, but also boasts of good NVH performance and low fuel consumption. In 2019, Li Auto nominated CE15 as its second-generation range extender. On August 27th 2021, PXC and Li Auto signed cooperation contract to establish a joint venture to produce the secondgeneration range extender engine for Li Auto with planning of 1 million production and sales volume by 2025. In addition, CE15 is equipped with the Li Auto L9 model, released on June 21st 2022. The L9 is a smart flagship SUV built for global families and began to deliver to customers at the end of August 2022. Li Auto L8 and L7 models are launched on September 30th and has begun to deliver successively.


The prince project has consolidated PXC's engine strategy and helped PXC successfully transform from ICE manufacturer to E area.