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The 8th Anniversary of Prince Engine License

June10th, eight years ago, in 2015, BMW licensed PXC to produce the Prince Engineand signed license agreement, which is the second engine licensed by BMW toPXC.


From2007 to 2014, the Prince Engine had won the Top Ten Engine titles selected byWard's Autoworld Magazine in the United States for eight consecutive years, andcontinued to hold the championship in the 1.4-1.8 liter group. The magazine hasa significant influence worldwide. Winning recognition from the North Americanmarket and Ward is equivalent to winning global recognition. This engine is anoutstanding one among engines with the same displacement. It integrates technologiessuch as double vortex tube turbocharging, high-precision direct injection,continuous variable valve lift, and dual continuous Variable valve timing,which can effectively improve fuel efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

BMW'ssecond license proves BMW's full trust and affirmation in the process, quality,management, and efficiency of the mass production of N20 engines made by PXC.This year, BMW has extended license to 2032 and approved the sub-license of PXCto Li Xinchen, which is of great strategic significance for the development ofPXC.

Today,eight years later, PXC has independently upgraded and developed a new energyrange extender engine on the basis of digesting and absorbing Prince enginetechnology, which has solved anxieties of the range and inconvenient chargingof electric vehicles. In the future, PXC will continue to focus on customerneeds and develop more efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendlynew energy powertrain products.